06 August 2006

My name is Yaya Demba

Hey all. I am tasting freedom now as I am on my first trip alone in a tiny little internet cafe (really just a shack with some computers in it)...

Training village is good, and my group of PCT's are absolutely hilarious. We have a good time talking with the locals and simply having fun with the language (Mandinka), trying our best to communicate but when the going gets tough we pull out all sorts of random english comments so we don't get frustrated. We have agreed that because of the increasing randomness of my comments and coping strategies that I would be most likely to be named "certifiably crazy" at the end of training, in a good way.

So you know you're in peace corps when you are visited by another group of trainees, and the first thing they say is "oh hey Neil (a fellow trainee), I heard you bought a pair of sandals the other day." And that was our entertainment for the evening.

All is well, i gotta go since the generator is putting out gas fumes that are making me light headed. Best.

oh and p.s. send me snail mail, we live for it here. my address is on my first post on my blog.